07 Aug 2017

How to Become a Professional Gamer in 5 Easy Steps

Gaming is big business around the world, with revenues from computer, smartphone and console games having topped $90 billion last year. As the gaming industry continues to prosper, gamers in countries from the US, China, the UK, South Korea and beyond are turning their hobby – or obsession – into

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03 Aug 2017

Preventing A Toxic Workplace

The modern workplace is becoming more fluid than at any point ever before. Rules and regulations are seen as restricting to some, but are leading to less vertical structures and more horizontal structure – meaning that people are getting ‘together’ in business and listening to each other. Our businesses are

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01 Aug 2017

Business Technologies That Help Enhance Your Organisation’s Reputation

In business, it’s crucial to maintain a professional reputation. There are many ways you can enhance your company’s image and ensure that more individuals and businesses will want to deal with you and your organisation. Investing in certain advanced business technologies and systems can help you achieve this goal and

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01 Aug 2017

A Guide To Being A Startup With A Difference

Being a startup with a difference is a must if you’re not only going to succeed, but thrive in this day and age. There are so many startups out there right now, and some of those business are likely strikingly similar to what you have in mind. This guide will

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31 Jul 2017

Ask Yourself These Important Questions Before Going Into Business

Every product starts with an idea, but there is a risk involved in trying to bring a vision into reality. For every great idea, there is also a bad one. Clive Sinclair may have launched home computing with the ZX80, but the battery electric vehicle, the Sinclair C5, was a

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28 Jul 2017

How to Engage an International Customer Base

When making the transition from small, national business to slightly larger international enterprise, there are certain adjustments you will have to make to ensure your website visitors translate to paying customers. Perhaps you have identified an emerging market and are looking to tap into it, or perhaps you merely want

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