19 Feb 2018

Hazard Perception – How To Implement Waste Management Into Your Startup

The topic of business waste, in all of its forms, is a very hot one right now, it forces you to ask yourself the question, how do you handle hazardous materials? And what exactly is the impact of your waste management policy? Or, you might be asking yourself, “do we

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15 Feb 2018

5 Budget Android Phones To Consider In 2018

The market for capable, well-built Android smartphones that don’t break the bank is forever on the rise, with better models popping up every month. While smartphone manufacturers usually reserve releases for the latter half of the year, there are still many great devices that were released in 2017 or earlier

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14 Feb 2018

How Your Choice of a Domain Name Could Impact Your Business

You may have heard the old expression, “What’s in a name?” But have you ever stopped to consider just how much truth this phrase really contains? It’s a bit like the cliché about not judging the book by its cover. It’s solid advice but you still tend to prefer books

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13 Feb 2018

10 Must-have Skills For Cultivating The Mindset Of An Entrepreneur

There’s a reason why many successful entrepreneurs are what we refer to as “self-made”. They weren’t handed a business from a father or a grandfather. They didn’t inherit a trust fund. Most successful entrepreneurs have something else in common. Something called an entrepreneurial mindset. It can’t be bought with money.

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12 Feb 2018

The Most Dangerous Industries That Still Create Astonishing Profits

Are you a fearless individual who would like to make a fortune from your next business venture? Then you might want to consider some of the niches and industries mentioned on this page. While these are some of the most dangerous markets out there; people involved often make a fortune

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12 Feb 2018

Small Business Success with Local Search Marketing and Listings Management

There are a lot of overwhelming hurdles and obstacles to be faced as a small business owner, no matter what industry you are in. The more successful you are, the harder it is to prioritize what the next best steps are to support your growth and overall functioning. Some of

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